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Serving Legal Documents

For more than 25 years now, Process Server Downpatrick has been serving legal documents effectively in the Downpatrick and surrounding regions, being a regularly working for many legal firms throughout the area. After serving any legal documents, process servers in Downpatrick, have to tender the original proof that the legal papers were served. In County Down, hand service of legal documents must be done by a qualified officer of the court process servers" are not recognised by the County Down judiciary. At Process Server Downpatrick, we provide affidavits of attempted service or professional affidavits of service, and we also serve any type of legal documents

For over three decades, Process Server Downpatrick's team of expert private detectives, process servers, and enquiry agents are popular for setting the standard for excellence. Our expert process servers at Process Server Downpatrick are trained in the delivery of quality service to guarantee your security and peace of mind and most importantly, the protection of your reputation. We take pride in being veteran members of the association of British investigators (ABI), an organisation that has been formally licensed by the service provider scheme of the law society of scotland and the law society of england and wales and as a company that provides security and safety for their members when in search of investigators to deliver their instructions while reducing the incidence of any risk.
Please contact Process Server Downpatrick to find out more information about our services. Should you have any enquiries regarding our privacy notice, make sure to contact the data protection officer by following the instructions below; if you have any complaints concerning the collection and management of your data, you are entitled to drop your complaints on the website of the information commissioner's office (ico), the national regulatory body for data protection issues.
At Process Server Downpatrick we can provide you with highly skilled process server to serve any legal documents across Downpatrick. For service of any legal documents anywhere across Downpatrick, Process Server Downpatrick provides you with highly skilled process server.
If you are willing to hire a process service to take care of your legal paper and documents then you are the right place. Process Server Downpatrick team are happy to take instructions from you over the 'phone or by email, and will serve any legal papers in compliance with the precise requirements of the rules of service.

Process Server Downpatrick Can Serve Documents Within 24 Hours

You will surely love our Process Server Downpatrick which have superb customer service. The customer services staff keep our clients notified with every notice, court papers and court processing's.

Process Server Downpatrick Are a Nationwide Process Server

We offer a fixed fee on all process server services providing a nationwide professional service. If you have any urgent serving task, you can send us the document by the email. Process Server Downpatrick will reach out to you or if possible can call us on 01253 462108 and cost effective services will be provided immediately.

Process Serving in Downpatrick, County Down

Process Server Downpatrick provides effective and competent outcomes with regards to process serving, vacant possessions and evictions, family law documents, repossession, court examinations, field calls, 24/7 surveillance and tracking. Process Server Downpatrick process serving operation is complimented by our people trace and debtor trace expertise, ensuring that any serves that need traces are expedited without fuss or delay.

Process Server Downpatrick Can Serve Statutory Demands

There was a call from someone who was willing to have Process Server Downpatrick's investigation service regarding the document serving a statutory demand on an individual he has a history with. Anytime that you have legal papers such as statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, anti social behaviour orders that require serving then look no further.

Process Server Service in Downpatrick, County Down

Process Server Downpatrick have an extensive network of agents across the UK, so can serve anywhere in the region. Process Server Downpatrick is a company in Downpatrick offering process server services at a fixed price of just £80.00.